Water-Tek has the solution to all your water needs!  If your looking for great tasting quality drinking water or treatment for your swimming pool or spa, we have what you need!

We offer purified bottled water, processed in our store with a 12 stage reverse osmosis purification system.  Our superior drinking water is 30-70% less expensive than the supermarket and the big commercial delivery companies.  Just bring in any food grade container and we'll fill it while you wait, or you can purchase bottles from our selection.  We have a wide selection of bottles, crocks, coolers, pumps and accessories.  Delivery is available as well.

Need help with your swimming pool? We have you covered. We have Pool Season Chemicals for your chlorine and bromine needs, and Baquacil for your non-chlorine needs.  For spas we offer BaquaSpa, Frog mineral packs and Spa Essentials.  We also carry Natural Chemistry an Sea Klear products for special problems and problem prevention.  We offer computer water analysis to determine your exact treatment needs.